I take your privacy seriously. Any information you provide me – verbally, electronically or physically – will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. It will be securely stored on my computer, in my office, or in my head.

If you want anything deleted or destroyed (my head excepted), please ask at any time.

If you’d prefer me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, feel free to ask.


When I produce something for you and you approve it and pay me it’s yours to keep – unless we’ve agreed another arrangement, based on the intended use of the material.

You can do anything you like with it because you’ll have copyright. (Just promise me you won’t try rewriting it).

If you want to know more about copyright – not copywriting – you should speak to a lawyer.

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Please note that I’m not responsible for the content or views expressed in any websites linked to this site, even if I suggest you check them out.

All content provided on this site is accurate at the time of writing, although some things will change from time to time, e.g. my rates. That’s because I have to eat.

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‘Michael Parish Ink.’ is a business registered in the state of Western Australia with an Australian Business Number (ABN) 78 020 493 196.