Unless you’ve done it before, starting a new business can be an overwhelming experience.

You know that marketing your new venture is important, but how do you find time for this?

And where on earth do you start?


How I can help you

The best way for me to explain how I can help is to show you how I’ve recently helped a business that started from scratch.

Our case study is a Perth-based international labour hire business called Working Planet.

‘Working Planet’ is the name I came up with for the business. I also created their tagline, ‘A world of opportunity.’

Working with Pink Piranha design agency, we created a visual identity, or logo for the new brand.

We also produced a company brochure, fittingly in the style of a passport.

Business cards and a letterhead template for email communication were also created.

Eventually I expect to work on copy and ideas for a new website for the business.

You may not want all of these things, at least not all at once. You might need an ad for an industry magazine, or a direct mail piece. But you get the picture.


Let’s talk

If you’d like to get off to a flying start with marketing your new business, please contact me or send me an email.