This isn’t about some fine print you’ve overlooked in your internet service provider’s or web hosting service contract.

It’s about your audience.

Specifically, how you communicate to your target audience through your website.

Because a lot of websites don’t.

They’re all about the business or the organisation, not about the customers.

And the bigger the organisation, the worse this seems to get. (I know, because I’ve worked for a few).

Often, content is organised to suit internal systems and structures.

Sometimes there’s a political struggle going on too, with divisions of the business competing for ‘real estate’, especially on the home page.

All this does is confuse the customer.

It shows a complete lack of understanding of their needs.

Because they don’t care about your organisation.

They don’t care about who’s who or who has the corner office.

They don’t care how you structure your business or your company history.

And they really don’t care for all those acronyms that only mean something to your staff.

They just want you to solve a problem for them.

And fast.

So before you build – or rebuild – your website, think long and hard about the customer.

  • What are they likely to be looking for?
  • How can you put this information in front of them so they can access it quickly and easily?
  • How can you write and present content that’s easy to understand?
  • How can you make it easy for customers to buy from you with minimal effort?
  • And how can you do all of this in a way that allows you to keep your content up-to-date and accurate, also with minimal effort?

Answer these questions and you’re well on the way to building your customers’ new website!