Copywriting is as much about ideas as it is about writing words, or ‘copy’. Words are important, but the idea is always king.

A copywriter does a lot of thinking (and sometimes swearing) on your behalf. The simpler the end product, the more complex the thinking required to produce it.

Copywriting is like industrial design – it needs to be engaging and attractive, but also functional and worthwhile. It’s not art for art’s sake. It needs to make things happen for you. Like sales.

As a writer, my job is to quickly ‘get’ things. Like your business, your industry and your products and services. Not to mention your customers and even your competitors.

Most importantly, I need to understand YOU. What you’re trying to do, what you believe in and what drives you.

 DIY doesn’t always work

Anyone can write something half-decent. But when it comes to promoting a brand or product, half-decent is simply half-you-know-what. It needs to work.
By all means have a go yourself, but don’t be afraid to seek some editorial expertise.

See what I mean in this example of spot the difference.